Julie Francis; Founder BenBen Design Ltd

My passion for great aesthetics, a love of clean and punchy design and most importantly, the feeling of empowerment that being able to create a 'double take' moment, where you just can't help take a second look at what's in front of you, is what led me to study design and make it my profession.

My work has spanned several organisations both in-house and agency-side; in broad and diverse B2B and B2C sectors. From humble early experiences to the design of full scale, complex, strategic campaigns which put measurable income on the bottom line – for over 15 years I have done them all – and loved every second.

From simple logo design to entire re-brands or a national marketing campaigns, all of my experience has given me a commercial understanding of what drives businesses to demand creative, dynamic and effective design.

Concept Master

html & Coding Whizz

Illustrator Extraordinaire

Logo Genius

Speediest Artworker in the East!

Creative Legend


Our team have been specifically chosen so we can provide design, marketing and web skills whilst offering a thoroughly professional experience.


To work with growing businesses of all sectors, engaging with their marketing teams to ensure a meaningful and motivational message is clearly communicated to their market, through innovative design; generating increased business growth, customer loyalty and brand awareness.


Our highly experienced team of creative and commercially driven designers and marketers provide a well-oiled engine for significantly driving any business to that all important next level. With our unique yet functional designs, our eye always on the 'end goal' of increased sales, we capture a company's values and vision to connect with their market and convert visitors to paying clients.


With a passion for creativity, technology and business, we understand the importance of listening to our client's needs, delivering a result that is unique, understood, easily seen, engaging and most importantly motivates the viewer to engage in a purchase.

We stand in the shoes of our clients and their customers to address both needs and deliver a valuable message that makes sense to both parties; leaving either party confident in the brand, the product and or service.